Ever heard one of Bobby’s beats and thought “i can do way better than this whack rapper!” ?
Ever heard one of the jabs verses and thought “this guy needs better beats!” ?
Well now is your chance to do something about it, if you’re game.


We’ve had a few talented producers already have a go at remixing our tracks, but now we want to give that opportunity to anyone who wants a go, including rappers, DJ’s, producers, remixers whoever!


You could just rap over one of the beats / you could sample a line from the acapella and cut and scratch it up / you could make a whole new beat to the song / you could sample some of the beat and create something yourself / its all up to you.


But to do this, you’ll need to download these babies….




Now as an added incentive to get involved, our friends at PLAYGROUND TACTICS and ILLEQWIP are going to be giving away some prizes to their favourite attempts.


To be eligible for the prizes and be a part of the project we’ll need you to upload to soundcloud and title your track as follows:


[Name of bay side song] – [Your name] x Bay Side Wreckers – REWRECKED WRECKAPELLA [or] REWRECKED WRECKSTRUMENTAL


eg. My City – Bobby Digital x Bay Side Wreckers – REWRECKED WRECKAPELLA


and in the description include the following:


This work has been made as part of Bay Side Wreckers REWRECKED competition

To take part or find out more visit http://www.baysidewreckers.com/rewrecked-project

Presented by Bay Side Wreckers, Playground Tactics, and Illeqwip


Let us know when it’s up and we’ll spread it round to get it some exposure.

We’ll be running this until the end of spring so you have a good couple of months to get on it.


contact baysidewreckers@gmail.com for any further info.